Western Canada CORSA.

Welcome to the new website of Western Canada CORSA – A group of Corvair Owners and Enthusiasts primarily located in British Columbia, we do have members in Alberta also. We have our old website located at WESTERNCANADACORSA.COM.

For some years there was very little activity for events from the old group, and some WCC members joined CORSA Northwest in Tukwila, WA, USA as they hosted the Econo Run in 2017 among other events and with regular events and activity.

When it was brought up at a recent meeting at CORSA Northwest about the 2018 Econo Run, it was mentioned that there hadn’t been an Economy Run on the West Coast of Canada since 2011 and that since B.C. has so much to offer in beauty and challenging routes for our Corvairs, it was decided by a few to take on the challenge of hosting the 45th Annual Northwest Econo Run in May 2018. for this we needed to re-organize as a club in Western Canada and create a new website for Information and Online Registration for this event as the old website hadn’t been updated since Feb 2012.

We realize the challenge of the geographical area of Western Canada and the fact that a lot of us Corvair owners are spread too far apart in Canada and that long distance travel can be a challenge at times, we will focus on membership primarily in B.C. but will welcome members from Alberta, and West Coast States of the USA, also.

We value the information and archives of the previous .COM website and hope we can later incorporate it and possibly merge our sites at a later time.

Western Canada CORSA.

Western Canada CORSA Executives:

President – Eric Hicks
Vice President – Don Proctor
Secretary – Sheri Robinson
Treasurer – Joel Rushworth
Newsletter Editor – Bryan Mendiola
Webmaster – Paul Piovesan